Get Free Unlimited VPN

In today's world, internet privacy is considered to be the most discussed topic. Wherein, average Internet users are becoming more and more conscious about the data being transferred across the Internet, thinking that it's not as secured as how it used to be.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that can help in securing one's privacy, such as the installation of a firewall, as well as masking your IP address every time you browse the internet.

Likewise, you can also take extra precaution and security to the next level with the help of VPN this will allow you to secure all outbound and inbound data. Importance of VPN If set up properly, this allows the user to access region-blocked web content, mainly because the website will see the connection coming from the VPN's location, instead of your own.

How to Get Free Unlimited VPN

Most VPNs are made for personal use. This allows the user to log into their network and have an access to services within. Similar to a proxy server, a VPN allows the user to visit websites that aren't usually available in the region.

For instance, you're planning to access Hulu or Netflix, but it's not available in your country. However, you should know that most VPN services ask for payment, but there's also a number of free unlimited VPN that you can try. Here's a compilation of free VPN services:

Note: You should know that even though the VPN services listed below are completely free, there are also a number of restrictions in most VPN accounts. That in mind, we hope that these recommendations will give you an idea how free VPN works and how you can take advantage of it.


This unlimited VPN service is compatible for both Mac and Windows computers. It works in a way where an app should be downloaded, and this app will help you connect to the internet. Likewise, this service can also be accessed using an iPhone and other devices that support VPN.


You can get free unlimited VPN access with this service, and enjoy a remarkably fast web server that can be used directly in the browser. It's a service that's sought after in China, where Internet censorship has always been an issue. It's ideal for web surfing, but not for file sharing solution.


The servers of this VPN provider are in UK, US, and Romania. The user has the privilege of choosing PPTP for mobile devices, or they can also opt for a more secure OpenVPN protocol. Wherein, the website has the username and password needed to access the VPN-- that changes on a regular basis. Which only implies that you'll need to visit it again, in order to acquire your new login credentials.


It's a free VPN service that has a limited speed-- this varies on the number of users using the system. Also, this service only works on Windows, and not in Mac.


One of the best VPN providers that allows the Internet users to bypass the ISP censorship. With this service, you have the privilege of choosing one of the dozens available country, but there's a slight drawback. You wouldn't know who's running the node, and if they're looking at what you're doing or not.


A portable free VPN service that allows the user to bypass the ISP censorship. This program only runs in Windows Internet explorer.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield

This service offers unlimited bandwidth for anyone who needs it. Likewise, it's capable of supporting itself by offering advertising within the web pages as the service is being used. For Firefox users, you can utilize the “NoScript” extension in order to hide these advertisements.

There are a lot of reasons why one is interested in using a free VPN. Despite the fact that this sounds too technical and daunting, the process of acquiring a VPN software is not a complicated task at all. Likewise, they're very easy to use, and setting it up is not as complicated as others perceive it to be.Make sure to give a look at Performance Analysis of OpenVPN which gives more insight into OpenVPN

Lastly, nothing is more wonderful than getting a service for free. Though, it's also important to check the VPN service first in order to ensure that it's something that can really be helpful for you. We hope that this list of free VPN software have given you an idea which one will be perfect for your needs.