Youtube proxy for unblocking Youtube

    In most cases, schools or the company you are working for do not allow certain websites such as the YouTube and the social Media. However, there are the proxy sites where you can access any website you want even if that particular site is not allowed. The proxy site will hide your IP address allowing you to browse even if it is hidden or blocked. Here are some of the simple steps you can use so as to use the YouTube proxy.

    1.Install an internet browser in your computer and access the Youtube proxy site. There are very many free sites in the web with thousands of proxies. The most common proxies are: Thehiddenguide.com, proxysite.org and the Proxies. in. these are just but a few of such sites where you can access many free proxies.

    2.The next step is to type the YouTube address. Once you have chosen the free proxy site, your IP address will be hidden and you will not be recognized by the administration’s restrictions.

    3.Close any advertisements that will pop up as you use the site. You will see such advertisements as the page continues to load. If it takes a lot of time to load, then try another free proxy site. Keep trying until you get the one with the speeds you require.

    4.In case you want to switch to a different site, you have to type the address of your new site in the small search window that is normally available at the top of that proxy screen. If you will type in the browser’s search bar, you will not be protected again and you cannot access the site.

    Once you get to the YouTube, you can download any video or audio you want. if that particular Youtube proxy site is not fast, then you can try a different proxy site that will meet your speed expectations.